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Frontier Baby Swimming

We use guided discovery, games, toys and songs to create the best swimming experience for your baby.

This provides a fantastic source of stimulation for your baby’s neurological and motor development. Babies have fantastic reflexes which make them naturals in the water.

We use the STA Starfish series badge and certificate scheme to award your baby’s progress

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Benefits of Baby Swimming

The water offers a calm environment for your little one.

Swimming increases your baby’s motor and neurological development.

Improves sleeping and eating patterns.

Muscular, cardio and CNS development.

Water safety.

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Health Benefits

75% of the brain develops in the first three years of life. Therefore, it’s essential to provide as much stimulaiton as possible.

Learning to swim is an essential survival skill and prevents drownings by developing their instincts to float and can learn to swim to the pool side.