• All our coaches are highly experienced.

  • Equipment to optimise high quality technique.

  • We have a 25 metre pool. Much bigger than the private small 10 metre pools provided at other companies.

  • Low student to instructor ratio of 3:1.

Booking Process?

We only take bookings through our online booking form as this covers us for data protection.

To book online, simply go to our bookings page and fill in the form. Once the form is filled, we will contact you to confirm the booking.

How much do lessons cost?

Shared 3:1

£18.18 per lesson (inc first lesson free)

Group 5:1

£10.90 per lesson (inc first lesson free)


30 minutes.


There are separate male and female changing facilities.

term dates?

Spring Term: Sun 13th Jan - Sun 31st March 2019 (11 weeks)

Half-Term (no lessons): Sun 24th Feb


  • Stage 3 and below: the instructor will be in the pool with the student to assist with swim technique such as rotation, lateral breathing, arm recovery, entry phase, propulsive phase and body alignment etc.

  • Advanced stage 3 and above: the instructor will be instructing from poolside as this gives a better view for analysing body position, alignment and aqua dynamics. The instructor may occasionally get in the water to demonstrate/assist with difficult aspects of breast stroke, butterfly, tumble turns, stops and starts etc.


Although every instructor has their own style of teaching, a lesson will usually consist of a warm up (3 mins depending on the level), drills which will start off easy and progressively get harder to enhance the overall swimming stroke (20 mins) and then a contrasting activity/fun games for (5 mins). The instructor will then accompany the student back to the parents where they will debrief about the lesson (2 mins).

What if my child is too advanced for their class?

Instructors will monitor your child and decide whether they need to move classes. If you feel like your child is progressing at a faster rate than some children, please chat to us about this.

Movements can be suggested at any point during the course and it is our priority to ensure that all children are working to their full potential and capability.

Customer service Hours?

Mon - Sun, 10am - 7pm.

Do you sell/provide swimming caps?

We do not provide or sell swimming caps at this time.

If my child is ill how long before they can return to swimming?

We recommend following the NHS guidelines found here: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/is-my-child-too-ill-for-school/