swim school Gol1.png

Learning Outcomes

1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Enter the water with a step or jump entry, tread water for 5 seconds, swim to poolside

3. Push and glide, and hold the streamlined position for 5 seconds

4. Push and glide, or swim to the bottom of the pool, to retrieve an object

5. Swim 5 metres on front, roll over and swim 5 metres on back

6. Perform dolphin leg kick on the front or back for 5 metres

7. Scull head first for 2 metres

8. Scull feet first, using a woggle for support

9. Show rhythmical breathing in front crawl for 10 metres, using a woggle or float

10. Swim a recognisable breaststroke for 5 metres