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We provide high quality swimming lessons for babies, children and adults. Keeping them fun and interesting whilst promoting good technique. Swimming is beneficial to a child's development and an essential survival skill. We believe in guided exploration and game oriented learning, our instructors have the knowledge and background to ensure your child learns properly.

Why Frontier Swimming?

Our instructors are all fully qualified, extremely knowledgeable with many years of experience.

We use the STA badge and certificate scheme and introduce breaststroke kick early so your child will be able to swim far, essential for water safety.

We have small class ratios, online tracking and in water instruction.

We are sponsored by our partner FINIS inc and use their innovative equipment.

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Our swim school was created to provide high quality swimming lessons. We choose quality over quantity and treat each student as an indivdual. All progress is tracked online so we can work on anything your child may be struggling with. All our instructors are trained in house so they are extremely knowledgeable.



I can’t recommend James enough. He is a fantastic teacher and my little boy is progressing really well.
— Kate - Zach's Mother.