Learning Outcomes

1. Throw a rope over 5 metres

2. Enter the water with a straddle entry, swim 25 metres in a recognised stroke in a T-shirt and shorts, tread water or scull support for 1 minute, tread water for 1 minute waving one arm, surface dive, swim 5 metres underwater, surface and remove clothing. If in shallow water, substitute straddle jump for step- in or slide-in entry

3. Swim 100 metres of a recognised stroke on the front, incorporating the appropriate start, turns, and finish. Learner’s first choice

4. Swim 50 metres of a recognised front stroke, incorporating the appropriate start, turns and finish. Learner’s second choice

5. Swim 100 metres of back crawl incorporating the appropriate start, turns and finish

6. Swim 25 metres of a fourth recognised stroke, not undertaken in the other tests

7. Swim 4 x 1 length of individual medley, incorporating the appropriate transition procedure at the end of each stroke

8. Perform a competitive start for two separate strokes using two different stances that is legal for the depth of water available

9. Swim 50 metres of side stroke or old English backstroke

10. Perform a head-first surface dive and pick up a sinkable toy from the bottom of the pool, minimum depth of 1.5 metres